Anywho.. night is ending

November 2, 2009

Up way later than i hoped…. Still have a couple beers left…  Didn’t accomplish much.   MNF had an exciting ending.    Time for 20 minutes of Big Bang Theory and then bed…. even though there’s like 2 beers left.  *sigh*


We really have to eat THIS much to be healthy?

November 2, 2009

I miswell keep smoking and continue to eat bad…. It’d be cheaper. Here’s how my task went.  – Found good budget advise… I’ll continue to read the blog. –  Great idea… maybe for me, but probably for one of my relatives. Free college money for shopping…. Another good budget site I’ll revisit. – Not a big fan of, but this article reminded me of the basics. – Kinda cool. not for me. – ditto – Seemed promising, but not what I was looking for.

Getting tired of this. I’m going to plan 3 meals. I’ll see what’s on sale at Safeway and Bashas and go from there. Maybe I’ll have left overs and it’ll last more than three days. For lunch I’ll plan 3 days of cold cuts. I need to look up what a healthy meal is. I’m thinking sandwich, fruit, small milk and something else. I never eat breakfast. But nows a good time to start with a very small healthy break fast.

Here we go…

Hmmm. I have a feeling eating healthy is expensive….

Starting to plan more… Ran in to problems with safeway…. Created a new account and then found that they have two different databases. One for normal general logons… And one for Delivery accounts. I’m in now.. they have free delivery for orders of $150 or more… So I’ll stick with the 3 day plan plus more and load up on frozen foods, non perishables, ect…. Ie stuff that doesn’t go bad fast.

Totally jonesin…. Been wearing the patch all day…. Found an old nicotine losenge and thought I had more…. It’s so much worse when you think you have nicotine some where and can’t find it.

Ug.. no dice.. found a couple empty ones….sigh.. back to shoppin.


Strike out. Ran out of time… This is a lot of work. I want to do this tmrw, but there’s no way…. It’s 11:30 and I’m not ½ way through. Can’t say it was a total waste of time… I learned a lot about certain food items… and also that you need to eat a Sh!!!t load of food to meet the daily recommendations… I don’t know about this… This is way over twice the food I eat daily….. But I will try it for 2 weeks.

Here’s what I came up with for day1(was supposed to be this wed.) From the USDA site. This JUST meets the requirements, barely.

1 Breakfast
• 1% milk (low fat)
• Banana
• Cheerios

• 1% milk (low fat)
• Apple (raw)
• Mustard
• Roast beef sandwich

• Baked chicken breast (eat skin)
• White rice, with butter or oil
• Yellow corn (corn on the cob)
• Baked potato, plain (don’t eat peel)
• Table wine (all)
• Table wine (all)
• Cheese (cheddar, Swiss)
• Cheese (cheddar, Swiss)
• Butter

• Wheat cracker
• Wheat cracker
• Orange (raw)
• Cooked green beans

First Post

November 2, 2009

If you happen to stumble upon this, welcome. This will be my public, anonymous blog.

First post will be quick. I plan to use this site to document a few things.

Thoughts and plans as I get various aspects of my life back in order.

I’ll be posting a little bit of everything but the main obstacles I will be overcoming in the near future are:

Stop eating out for lunch everyday.
Create a real workable, healhty grocery list(hopefuly tonight)
Eat healthy and get more active.
Thoughts as I quit smoking.
Thoughts as I cut down the amount of alcohol I drink substantially.
My budget.
Paying off credit cards.
Looking for and hopefully buying a house next May.
Work – Day to day, training, career planning, ect.

I’m a single guy in his early 30’s. I recently became a Systems Administrator after climbing up from tech phone monkey to help desk rep to on-site desktop support. Been married once and divorced. It was ugly for me but pretty tame compared to most. No kids, no girlfirend, and I don’t really date. I’m a decent looking man and I’m pretty nice…. But, I’d rather fix a few things in my life before sharing it with someone else again.

I live in a nice apartment, make enough to pay all my bills, smoke a lot of cigarettes and drink a lot of beer. After all that’s done I have a little bit of money left over to do other things. Eating out, movies, camping. I recently sold a couple things and paid my debt down. I actually have a month of bills in my checking account for the first time and it feels great. But I also have slightly more than that in credit card debt. I’ll probably post exact numbers soon and start tracking my progress on paying them off and starting a real saving and retirement fund.

I’m a shy guy. I should add that to the list above. I’d like to overcome that, but I have bigger fish to fry right now.

That’s all for post numero uno. I’m off to browse the web for help on creating a grocery list.